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This is me

My Story

My love of photography goes back to my childhood. I loved animals and trips to animal parks always resulted in fustration as I tried to get close enough with a terrible old film camera to get that snapshot. Of course being it was a crappy camera with no zoom and a fixed wide angle lens, I'd practically have to be in the creatures face to capture the photo! I remember the waiting for the photos to come back from the Chemist to see how they turned out. Mostly I was disappointed and jealous of my Dad's better photos. (he had a proper camera with lenses and all that magic!) So began my gradual learning curve of how to take a photo and what equipment to use.

Digital cameras

What a game changer!

I remember my first “proper” Canon Camera and getting a zoom lens! Amazing! A holiday to the Highlands of Scotland cost me a few hundred pounds in developing films! But I was hooked.

Along came the digital camera, wow! The first one I had was to be fair – Rubbish! A max resolution of 640 x 480 it barely made decent thumbnails! But I saved and bought my first Canon 300D (so I could use the lenses from my old film camera) Now things got fun! That camera probably got the most varied use of all my cameras, from Safari in South Africa to the Scottish Highlands.

Since then I’ve significantly upgraded my lenses and camera bodies, stopped shooting in Jpeg and switched to RAW (something I wished I did earlier) and carried on exploring the amazing world of photography techniques.

I hope you enjoy the work I’ve produced.

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